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Ductless Heat Pump System Maintenance

Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality Starts With Proper Ductless Heat Pump System Maintenance

Indoor Air Quality with a Ductless Heat PumpToday’s ductless heat pump systems use advanced technology. Not only are they designed to effectively and efficiently heat and/or cool your home, but they are also equipped to improve the quality of air circulating inside. Some modern systems may even come fitted with HEPA filters, air purification systems and humidity control mechanisms, while others may have these added on later.

Regardless of what model you have in your home, the quality of air inside is greatly influenced by your ductless system maintenance. With proper maintenance, your home’s indoor air quality can be improved. But, if you fail to maintain your system, you could be circulating poor quality air that will affect you and your loved ones’ health for years.

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning helps Salem and neighboring area homeowners maintain their ductless systems for safer, cleaner air. To schedule a maintenance appointment, call us at 503-378-7482.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Daikin or Mitsubishi, we sell bothYou may not think much of the air you breathe, but if you were to look at it under a microscope, you may be surprised at the number of particles you are inhaling. While most are harmless, excess dust, dander, pollen and germs can wreak havoc on your body’s overall health. If you have allergies or asthma, poor indoor air quality can exacerbate the symptoms and actually cause more attacks.

In the long-term scheme of things, you could suffer from other health conditions that show up years after being exposed to poor air quality. Some can include respiratory diseases, cancer and even heart disease, according to the EPA.

What Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance is Required to Maintain Air Quality?

To ensure you are breathing clean, fresh air, you need to properly maintain your ductless heat pump. Also, if you have a newer system, proper maintenance is required to preserve your manufacturer warranty.

Just some maintenance tasks you will need to get done include:

  • Cleaning the Filter –Your ductless heat pump is equipped with a filter. This removes allergens and dangerous particles from the air, but only for so long. Once the filter becomes full or clogged, it can allow those particles back into the air and affect the unit’s ability to operate. Clean your filter throughout the year; ranging from monthly to quarterly. Your manufacturer’s handbook should suggest a cleaning schedule based on use.
  • Professional Ductless Maintenance –Having a professionally trained technician inspect your ductless system annually or at least bi-annually can find potential problems in time and also ensure your unit is dispensing clean air. All ductless systems require professional maintenance and your warranty will depend on it.
  • Getting Repairs –The moment your ductless system needs a repair (or shows symptoms of needing one), you should contact a certified ductless service technician. The quality of your air depends on the performance of your ductless system.

Melton’s Heating & Air can help you maintain your home’s ductless heat pump and ensure the cleanest air possible. We also offer a variety of options for those that want to improve their filter quality or add air purification capabilities to their home’s comfort systems.

Schedule your ductless heat pump system maintenance today. We proudly serve customers in Salem, Keizer, Silverton and surrounding areas. To schedule an appointment, call 503-378-7482 or fill out an online form.

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