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Tips for Detecting a Refrigerant Leak in Your HVAC System

As temperatures begin to drop in Salem, Oregon, your HVAC system will likely be receiving significant use once the cold snap hits. That’s why ensuring it’s working at peak performance levels is vital. There’s nothing worse than having your HVAC break down in the height of winter, so enlisting the help of an HVAC repair team to […]

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5 of the Most Common HVAC Noises Explained

With winter right around the corner, having an HVAC system that’s running at peak performance levels is key. That’s why hiring HVAC contractors to perform a seasonal inspection is always recommended. As one of today’s leading HVAC repair teams in the Salem and Keizer, Oregon area, the team from Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you identify when your […]

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Heat Pump Repair Guide From Your Local Heating & Cooling Specialists

When your heat pump stops working in the middle of winter, you need a solution fast. Thankfully, the heat pump repair team at Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc has created the following guide for troubleshooting common heat pump problems so you can get your heating system back up and running for the coldest season […]

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Air Conditioning Repair Experts Explain How to Unfreeze Your Unit

Figuring out how to unfreeze your AC unit is crucial if you value staying cool during the summer. Before you call an air conditioning repair company, be sure to look over this short list of quick fixes for frozen cooling systems from the HVAC technicians at Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. 3 Ways To Fix Your Frozen […]

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