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Our Air Conditioning (AC) Unit Repair Services


Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Services in the Salem Area

Air conditioning and HVAC problems happen, and of course, they typically occur on the hottest days of the season. While improper operation is often the cause of most repair call-outs, there are other reasons your air conditioning unit can fail. What is most important, however, is accurately diagnosing and never attempting to self-repair your unit – instead, call a professional.

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers Oregon homeowners superior air conditioning repair and HVAC repair services. Our technicians can perform a same day diagnosis and repair to get your unit back up and running. Call now for an appointment at 503-378-7482.

Common Reasons an Air Conditioner/HVAC System May Not Work

Air conditioning units and HVAC systems are highly complex and each brand and model has their own unique components and complexities. The most common reasons an air conditioner may stop working include:

  • A leak in the refrigeration
  • Inadequate maintenance – not performing seasonal tune-ups
  • An electrical failure in the unit or home
  • Sensor problems within the unit
  • Drainage issues within the condenser or a clogged drain

Do I Need a Professional for Air Conditioning Repair and HVAC Repair?

It is difficult to tell whether or not your air conditioning problem is an emergency or something that can wait. Often, waiting could cause additional damage or lead to more costly repairs, while other times the unit will remain inoperable until it is fixed. It is best, however, to rely on the experience of a heating and cooling specialist to determine the issue and extent of the repairs. By doing so, you get:

  • Specialty Service– Trained air conditioning repair specialists understand air conditioning units, ductwork and electrical systems. They have knowledge of most leading manufacturers and their models, so they can quickly identify and diagnose the problems with your air conditioner.
  • Faster Repairs– An expert is likely to diagnose and repair your air conditioning unit much faster than you could do it yourself. That is because they have the expertise, tools and the replacement parts (if needed).
  • Safety– Expert technicians will know the safety rules to adhere to for all air conditioning units. You can trust that they know how to safely repair and handle the components of your unit.
  • Warranty– If a repair is covered under warranty, your service technician can bill the manufacturer. Also, by having a professional repair it, you will not run the risk of voiding your warranty.

Melton’s Heating & Air offers expert air conditioning repair and HVAC repair services to Salem, Keizer, Silverton and the surrounding areas of Oregon residents, including same day service and repair.

Schedule air conditioning repair service by contacting the experts at Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Call 503-378-7482 now or fill out an online form.

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