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Salem Electric Incentive


Heat Pump Program

Incentives are available for residential members who install high-efficiency residential air source or ductless heat pumps. Contact Melton’s Heating for information concerning electric heating and cooling systems and determine what is best for your home.

Air Source Heat Pumps  

To ensure the greatest efficiency, air source heat pumps must meet the minimum Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF), SE sizing and installation guidelines and Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS) standards. 

$1,000 Incentive for Existing Homes

  • For single-family homes located in SE’s service area regardless of the existing heating system or heating fuel type
  • A residence must meet the SE WeatherWise Program standards. All cost-effective weatherization measures (ceiling, floor, wall, and duct insulation) must be completed before the heat pump is installed

$500 Incentive for New Homes 

  • Applies to homes connected to Salem Electric service within 12 months of applying for the incentive 

Ductless Heat Pumps  

Ductless Heat Pumps offer an option for heating and cooling without the additional expense or installation of ductwork. They are great for homes with existing zonal heating systems (i.e. baseboard, wall, or ceiling cable heat).

Available Incentives

  • $750 Homes with existing electric heat (zonal or forced air)
  • $750 Multi-family housing
  • $500 Homes with existing heat pumps, manufactured homes, or non-electrically heated homes
  • $750 New single or multi-family homes

Please contact us for more information on program requirements and eligibility, call Melton’s Heating and Air Conditioning at 503-378-7482

Melton’s Heating and Air Conditioning is an approved Heat Pump Contractor

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