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Heat Pumps & Ductless Heat Pumps

What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

heat pumps for year round comfortYou may think of a traditional furnace and air conditioning unit when you imagine an HVAC system. But did you know a heat pump can deliver both hot and cool air in one complete system? Unlike a conventional HVAC heating system that requires both a furnace and AC unit to provide comfort, a heat pump consists of one unit, which can save you space and money. This type of system consumes less energy during operation, moving air throughout the home by taking heat from the outside air or ground.

Heat Pump Options and Uses

An environmentally-friendly option, heat pumps do not burn fuel to produce heat. Instead, they transfer heat from one location to another through refrigerant-filled coils – similar to how your refrigerator works. If you reside in an area with moderate climates, a heat pump can slash your energy bill, while delivering ideal comfort for you and your family.

There are different types of heat pumps available on the market today. These include:  

  • Air-source heat pump: The most common heat pump used in the home, this system uses the heat from the air outside and moves it inside the home to deliver year-round comfort.
  • Ground-source heat pump: This system absorbs heat from the ground or a body of water and transfers it into the home.
  • Absorption heat pump: Typically used in larger homes, these systems require natural gas, solar power, propane or geothermal-heated water to operate.
  • Ductless mini-split heat pump: Ideal for new home additions, basements or areas that are often too hot or too cold, this type of heat pump consists of an outdoor unit that connects to an indoor unit through small cables and a refrigerant line. They are a great alternative to a central HVAC system, as they are highly efficient and can deliver personalized comfort in every room through remote control access.
  • Reverse cycle chiller (RCC) heat pump: You may find this type of heat pump in homes that are equipped with hot tubs. These devices heat and cool water and work well in zero-below temperatures.
  • All-climate heat pump: This type of heat pump is more suitable in climates that reach -30 degrees Fahrenheit. They are more efficient than a standard heat pump and perform better when used as a heater.

Interested in purchasing a heat pump for your home, but not sure which one is right for you? Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help you select a system that is suitable for your specific application, so you can enjoy lower energy costs and uncompromising comfort year-round.

Contact us today at 503-378-7482 to learn more about our comprehensive line of heat pumps and ductless heat pumps available in several different styles and price points. You can also fill out our online form with your questions and we will get back to you soon.

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