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Rheem Heat Pumps

Rely on Energy-Saving, Cost-Effective, Reliable Performance for Years to Come with a Rheem Heat Pump

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, Rheem heat pumps offer the best of both worlds. They deliver hot and cold air through electricity by transferring air into and out of the home rather than generating it. The outdoor air is moved inside the home in the summer and the indoor air is moved outside in the winter. Because they do not require gas to operate, they are more environmentally friendly, consume less energy and can save you money on your heating and cooling bill.

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help you select a Rheem heat pump to accommodate your specific comfort needs and budget. Contact us today at 503-378-7482 to learn more about our wide selection of HVAC units.

What You Should Know About a Rheem Heat Pump

More and more homeowners trust the Rheem line of heat pumps to heat and cool their home. Here’s why:

  • PlusOne™ Energy Efficiency delivers a rating of 20 SEER and 13 HSPF.
  • The units are equipped with a two fastener removable corner, which allows easy access to internal unit components for servicing and repair.
  • The EcoNet™ Enabled feature delivers superior air and water control for energy savings and personalized comfort.
  • An innovative composite base pan is designed to reduce sound, eliminate weathering and reduce the number of fasteners required.
  • The Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor allows for precise temperature control, reduces humidity levels and provides greater efficiency.
  • Tubing is specifically designed to reduce vibration and strain, making the system quieter and less prone to leakage.
  • QR code provides technical information for prompt service calls.
  • And more!

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning, a family-owned-and-operated HVAC business located in Salem, Oregon, has been helping homeowners achieve optimal indoor comfort for over 30 years. With so many heating and cooling solutions to choose from, we understand how stressful it can be to choose the right system fitted to your requirements. One of the many benefits of purchasing a Rheem heat pump is their ability to work in tight and constricted spaces. They are available in a number of different styles, sizes and capacities, so you can select one that works best for you and your family.

If you live in an area with moderate temperatures, a Rheem heat pump may be the perfect HVAC solution for you. Call 503-378-7482 for more information on our full-line of Rheem heat pumps, which can increase your home’s efficiency. You can also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for an in-home estimate.

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