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9 Tips for Selecting the Best Contractor for Heat Pump Repair

The ideal time to fix your ductless heating and cooling system is before it becomes an urgent problem. It’s not fun to rush for an emergency repair when it’s scorching hot or freezing outside. Regular checkups and preventive maintenance are crucial to keeping your heat pump working smoothly. 

Whether scheduling yearly service or facing an emergency repair, finding the most trustworthy heat pump or HVAC repair company in Salem, Oregon, is crucial. Here are some steps to help you find that reliable company.

  • Check for Awards

Before hiring a heat pump repair company, it’s a good idea to check if they have the right qualifications. Look for things like factory training and EPA certification. Also, see if they have a high rating from the Energy Trust of Oregon. They give up to three stars for program, quality, and customer service. If a company has a perfect three-star rating, you can trust that they’ll give you dependable service.

  • Reliable Ductless Heat Pump Brands

When selecting a company for heat pump repairs, choose one that deals with trustworthy HVAC brands. If you’re fixing your existing heat pump, choosing a company specializing in heat pump repair is crucial. Experience is essential because each heat pump brand has unique traits that untrained technicians might miss. If a company doesn’t know about your specific heat pump brand, it’s best not to hire them. Ask if their technicians have received factory training to ensure they are qualified to repair your system.

  • Check their Reviews and Ratings

It’s essential to team up with a trusted company known for its outstanding service, such as Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Check for good ratings and reviews from satisfied customers and professional organizations. Talk to your friends and neighbors to see which companies they’ve used for ductless heat pump repairs and if they were happy with the service. If a company has made others happy, there’s a good chance they’ll provide excellent service for you, too.

  • Energy-Efficient Unit Installation

You can cut down on energy costs and help the environment by picking a company that installs energy-efficient systems like your neighbors. When choosing an HVAC contractor, look for one that offers high-efficiency systems, will lower your energy bills, and is Energy Star-rated. These systems not only help reduce harmful emissions but also work well. With high-efficiency systems, you will use energy wisely, so there’s less waste and more performance.

However, efficient systems need to be installed correctly to work their best. Ensure your contractor is certified and has experience with these systems because they often have more specific requirements than regular ones. Going for energy-efficient units is a smart choice for your future.

  • Stellar Customer Service

When you call a ductless heat pump repair contractor, please pay attention to their customer service. How they treat potential customers over the phone can tell you much about their service quality. The best companies may even troubleshoot with you on the phone, figuring out the problem without sending a technician. 

The customer service rep should listen carefully as you explain your issue. If they know about heat pumps, they’ll ask the right questions to understand the problem. Once they identify the issue, they might suggest simple fixes like a reset, changing a fuse, or replacing batteries. Sometimes, it’s as easy as cleaning or changing filters. The most reliable companies will help you solve the problem quickly and easily, saving you the trouble and cost of a service visit.

  • Licensed Business

Ensure the company you pick has an Oregon HVAC license. When you choose experienced professionals with the proper operating license, it means they take their work seriously. Established businesses are likely to stick around, providing ongoing support. They also care about their reputation, so you can trust that they want you to be happy with their service.

  • Quick and Expert Help

During HVAC emergencies, you need a contractor who will react fast and act professionally. Our team of experts is available and ready to handle any emergency and get your HVAC system back to normal without delay.

Why Should You Get Professional Heat Pump Repair Services?

Professional heat pump repair can save you from prematurely replacing your system. When your heat pump isn’t working correctly, it can use up more energy (10% to 20% more) and struggle to keep your home comfortable. This can lead to higher energy bills because your heat pump works extra hard year-round for heating and cooling. It can also affect your health by making your indoor air less clean and comfortable, which can lead to problems like mold, allergies, and breathing issues.

Finding a Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Salem, OR

When it comes to fixing heat pumps in the Pacific Northwest, Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning is your top choice. We’re proud to have the best technicians around, and they’ve all had thorough training from various manufacturers. Our experts will ensure your system works its best and keeps running for a long time. Our HVAC repair services are built to be long-lasting. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more or to schedule your service!


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