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Air Conditioning Repair Experts Explain How to Unfreeze Your Unit

Figuring out how to unfreeze your AC unit is crucial if you value staying cool during the summer. Before you call an air conditioning repair company, be sure to look over this short list of quick fixes for frozen cooling systems from the HVAC technicians at Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

3 Ways To Fix Your Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

1. Defrost the Unit

The first step to thawing out your AC unit is switching off the thermostat and turning on the fan, allowing the ice to melt from your cooling system slowly. Depending on the amount of ice formed, this could take anywhere from one to twenty-four hours. As you allow the system to thaw out, you may want to take preventative measures in the interior and exterior of your building near the AC unit to prevent water damage.

2. Replace the Filter

While you’re defrosting the unit, you should inspect the filter. Over time, dust, hair, pollen, and other tiny particles will find their way into your air conditioning system, thus preventing airflow and potentially causing your unit to freeze. If you want to improve indoor air quality and avoid air conditioning repair in the future, replace your filter and take note of the date in your calendar. It would be best if you got into the habit of changing it out every one to three months, depending on whether you have pets, allergies, or smokers in your living or office space.

3. Check the Condensate Pan & Drain

Air conditioning units rely on pans and drains to divert condensation from systems and thus out of your home. As you’re thawing out the unit and inspecting your filter, it is a good idea to check the condensate pan and drain as well. You can start by looking under the AC unit for water. If you see any, then there’s a chance that the pan is clogged. Next, inspect the drain for water overflow, which is usually located on the exterior of your building near the AC unit, in the form of a PVC pipe. It would help if you unclogged both the pan and drain to allow your unit to thaw out and also avoid the need for more severe air conditioning repair.

Get Reliable Air Conditioning Repair

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