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Can Excessive Heat Overwork My AC System?

Air conditioning is vital in helping you stay cool during the spring and summer months. However, it’s possible that an excessive amount of heat outside can have a negative impact on your air conditioner. Understanding the temperature differential and the limits on air conditioners can help you choose the best unit that will keep you comfortable without overworking your system or causing you to need AC unit repair services.

Here the experts from Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning have provided some tips to help you avoid breakdowns and costly AC unit repairs during the hotter months.

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What is Temperature Differential?

 The temperature differential is simply the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Understanding the temperature differential is key in determining how efficiently an air conditioning system can cool your home. Most AC systems are designed to handle a temperature differential of about 20°F. This means that if the outdoor temperature is 95°F, your AC should be able to maintain an indoor temperature of around 75°F in ideal conditions.

Why Do Air Conditioners Have Limits?

 One of the main reasons for these limits is that the cooling capacity of an AC is based on a specific set of conditions, usually a standard outdoor temperature and a specific indoor temperature. The efficiency of this process depends on the temperature differential and other factors such as humidity and insulation. If the outdoor temperature is exceptionally high, it becomes increasingly difficult for your AC to effectively remove heat, causing it to work harder and consume more energy.

Can I Install a Bigger Air Conditioner?

 While it can be tempting to think that getting a more oversized air conditioner will solve the problem of high heat, it’s not necessarily the best solution. An oversized AC system can lead to short cycling, causing increased wear and tear on the components and reducing energy efficiency. A giant system can also fail to adequately remove humidity, leading to a damp and uncomfortable indoor environment.

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