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The Many Benefits of Modern Ductless HVAC Systems

The next time you’re calling for HVAC repair in Salem or Keizer, it might be time to think about upgrading your home climate control system. A new technology that’s quickly becoming standard and adopting it will bring you nothing but benefits for years to come.

This is the ductless HVAC, also known as ductless heat pumps or a “mini-split,” which offers you all-in-one heating and cooling in a small package. These units are inexpensive to install and will pay off through many years of use.

So, what makes ductless HVAC systems better than previous types of HVAC systems?  Let’s take a look.

Four Reasons to Consider an Upgrade to Ductless Heat Pumps

  • Individual room climate control

Mini-split systems don’t rely on a central air conditioner or furnace. Instead, each room gets its own blower, connected by small pipes to an outside unit. This means you gain direct control over each room’s climate. Keep one room chilled without spending money cooling the entire house, or even shut down certain rooms entirely when you aren’t using them!

  • Fast and easy installation

Installing a ductless HVAC system is much easier and less invasive than other types of HVAC upgrades. All it requires are a few small holes drilled in the walls, and units can almost always get installed within just a few hours. This is particularly helpful for homes without central air or ductwork so that you can get modern climate control without extensive upgrades and alterations to your home.

  • Improved indoor air quality

Ductwork brings its problems when it comes to climate control.  Ducts get dirty, are prone to mold and mildew, and they’re a haven for pests – pests that leave waste behind.  Without regular cleaning, ducts can start spewing out pollutants and allergens into your home On the other hand, Mini-splits connect directly to the outside, making it much easier to keep out all the contaminants you don’t want to be breathing.

  • Lowered costs

Finally, here’s the big one: heat pumps are by far the most energy-efficient heating and cooling solution yet invented. A typical heat pump can cut anywhere from 25% to 50% off your monthly power bills compared to standard electric heaters and AC units. An upgrade to ductless HVAC units can easily pay for itself and keep paying off for many years to come.

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