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Rheem Furnace Repair

Rheem Furnace Repair Services from Your Trusted Local Team

Contact Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning When Your Furnace Stops Working

Rheem furnaces are among the most popular brands out there of home comfort systems – and one common to homes here in Oregon. They are designed with high-quality, high-efficiency components that keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank.

When your Rheem system stops working, you need a team of local professionals that you can rely on to diagnose and repair your furnace as quickly as possible. Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning has licensed, trained technicians with more than 50 years of experience fixing Rheem and other big-name furnace brands. We pride ourselves on fast repairs and competitive prices so that you can return to comfort without spending more than necessary.

Signs You Need a Rheem Furnace Repair Specialist

You know the visible signs it is time to call in a professional – like a system that is not turning on or cold air coming out of the vents when you have it set for “heat.” However, there are other indicators that you may need a repair and knowing these indicators could save you from an unexpected, full breakdown in the future.

Some signs you need your Rheem furnace diagnosed by a professional include:

  • Strange Noises from the Unit – Any persistent, loud, or odd noise coming from your furnace indicates something is wrong with its moving parts or components.
  • Unusual Smells from Your Vents – You should never smell any distinct burning odors or gas. If you do, contact your local professionals for an emergency repair and shut down the furnace until they arrive.
  • Sudden Spike in Energy Costs – Has your heating bill suddenly climbed up out of nowhere? If the rates have not changed, but you are paying more than usual, you may need maintenance, or you could have a component that is faulty and forcing the system to work harder (thus, consuming more energy).
  • Standing Water – Your high-efficiency furnace can generate some moisture, but you should not see a puddle around the unit.
  • Gas Pilot Light Issues – If your gas furnace’s pilot light keeps going out, or you notice that it has an orange, yellow or reddish color instead of a distinct blue, you need a technician to examine the unit for issues with your gas line.

Contact Your Local Technicians for Rheem Furnace Repairs

You can rely on the team at Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning for your Rheem furnace repair, maintenance, and even new installations. When your system is not working, our professionals use more than 50 years of experience to help diagnose and repair it as quickly as possible. We offer repairs, replacements, and even installation assistance to homeowners in the Salem, Woodburn, Hayesville, Four Corners, Silverton, and Dallas areas of Oregon. We Repair All Brands!

Schedule your repair appointment today by calling Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning today at 503-378-7482. You can also fill out our online form asking about our Rheem Furnace Repair services.

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