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Furnace Repair Pros Explain How Often You Should Replace Your HVAC Filter

Knowing when to change your HVAC filter is vital if you want to maintain a healthy home or office and avoid unnecessary furnace repair or replacement. If you’re unsure how to tell whether your HVAC filter needs replacing, the furnace service experts at Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning have come up with a list of signs to keep an eye out for these signs.

3 Signs Your HVAC Filter Needs to be Changed

1. Pet Dander 

The more animals you have in your household or business, the more often you will need to replace your furnace filter. When dogs and cats shed, the hair can find its way into your HVAC system, thus clogging your filter and negatively affecting your system’s performance. While you can decrease the amount of fur that enters your vents and ducts. Simply by grooming your pets regularly outdoors and cleaning indoor areas daily. You can also use the following as a rule of thumb for determining when to change your filter if you only have one animal in your home or workspace:

  • One to two-inch filter: every two months
  • Four-inch filter: every four months
  • Five-inch filter: every six months

If you have more than one pet, you will need to change your filter more often.

2. Cigarette Smoke

If you smoke indoors, you should replace your furnace filter regularly. You’ve probably noticed that tobacco smoke leaves a residue on the surfaces in your home or office, but what you may not have known is that this happens inside your HVAC system as well. Even if there are only a few people in your building that smoke indoors, here are some basic guidelines for changing your filter:

  • One to two-inch filter: every month
  • Four-inch filter: every two months
  • Five-inch filter: every three months

3. Dust & Pollen

Depending on the time of year and how often you clean your home or office, fine particles of dirt, pollution, and pollen could be collecting on your furnace filter. To promote well-being, maintain your HVAC system, and avoid unnecessary furnace replacement, our team of furnace servicing experts suggest switching out your filter as follows, especially if you suffer from allergies:

  • One to two-inch filter: every month
  • Four-inch filter: every two months
  • Five-inch filter: every three months

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Four Reasons for Needing Professional HVAC Repair Services

Problems with your HVAC system can happen over time due to many reasons. Taking care of these HVAC problems as soon as possible can help prevent additional damages and save you a lot of money. Reaching out to a company that offers HVAC repair services is always a great option to ensure the job is done right.

Here are a few of the most common problems with an HVAC system.

Lack of Heat

Dealing with heating problems is always a frustrating experience. A lack of heat is incredibly uncomfortable during the winter season. You may need to change your filter to solve this problem, or it might be an electrical problem. Contacting a company that offers HVAC repair services is always a smart choice if you can’t fix it yourself.

Increase in Energy Bill

Another common reason for needing HVAC repairs is if you notice a significant spike in your energy bill each month. Frequent cycling or short cycling decreases energy efficiency, or it may be a malfunctioning component causing these issues. Getting this problem repaired as soon as possible is essential in saving you a lot of money.

Leaking Fluid

A ductless HVAC system with fluid leakage is often due to a refrigerant leak or a drain clog. A refrigerant leak requires immediate repair due to the potential of toxic fumes. On the other hand, drain clogs can decrease your system’s efficiency and cost you extra money. The buildup of moisture can also cause significant water damage to your home if it’s left unchecked for a substantial period.

Strange Noises

Strange sounds can often occur if your ductless system is damaged. A refrigerant leak may create hissing sounds, while a broken fan motor belt often causes squealing noises. Worn bearings can also make grinding noises, as it’s crucial to get your HVAC checked out as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

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Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers HVAC repair services for customers throughout Keizer and the Salem area. We have over three decades worth of experience in the industry, as our goal is to always provide top-quality HVAC repair services at an affordable price. Our company also specializes in various products, such as fireplaces, heat pumps, and ductless systems. Contact us today for HVAC repairs, services, and products.

How a Ductless Heat Pump Can Keep You Comfortable

One of the best ways to keep you and your family comfortable during the winter months is to invest in a ductless heat pump. The number of heat pump sales continues to grow at a rapid rate due to its innovative technology. A modern heat-pump system designed by Mitsubishi Electric is better equipped to handle cold temperatures to help you stay comfortable at all times.

How Do Heat Pumps Work? – A heat pump system uses one or more ductless or ducted air handlers and an outdoor unit. Refrigerant lines also connect both units. An outdoor unit can also control up to eight indoor units, which gives you greater flexibility in controlling temperatures. The refrigerant extracts air from the outside to transfer the heat to keep your home warm during the winter. However, a heat pump also produces air conditioning to keep your home cool during warmer temperatures.

Improve Energy Efficiency – One of the reasons heat pump sales continue to increase is due to their energy-saving capabilities. A heat pump uses a variable-capacity compressor to speed up or slow down the system to precisely meet the heating or cooling requirements for your home. Over time, this can save you a lot of money by lowering your utility bill each month.

Maintain Comfort – The winter months can often result in extreme conditions in the Keizer area. However, a ductless heat pump is an excellent way to keep your home feeling comfortable even during freezing weather. Mitsubishi uses advanced technology that allows a heat pump to work efficiently even during the most brutal temperatures, as the number of heat pump sales continues to grow.

Eco-Friendly – A ductless heat pump is also more eco-friendly compared to other available heating options. These zoned heat pump systems filter the air in individual spaces, while a traditional HVAC system filters everything in one central location. Ductless heat pumps improve the quality of air in your home while also helping you use less energy.

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers HVAC services for customers throughout Salem and the Keizer area. We have decades of experience in the industry, as we can install a ductless heat pump for your home, and satisfaction is always guaranteed. Contact our team today to learn more about our heat pump for sale and other HVAC services and products.

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