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Is A Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Right for My Home?

If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient way to heat and cool your Salem, OR, home, there’s no better option than heat pumps. Heat pumps are genuinely excellent devices and far more efficient than any other Heating and Cooling system in nearly all situations, so it’s little wonder they’re becoming the new standard in home climate control.

Mini Split Heat Pump
Mini Split Heat Pump

There are two basic types of heat pumps: traditional ducted units and smaller “mini-split” heat pumps, which are gaining popularity. In this article, we wanted to discuss ductless mini split heat pumps and why they might be right for you.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump?

Fundamentally, a mini-split works just like any other heat pump. It’s a reversible two-way air conditioner that can pump hot air out of your house in the summer or pull warmer air inside during the winter. (Effectively, it’s cooling the outdoors when working as a heater.)

The difference is that mini-splits are single-room indoor units connected to a smaller outdoor unit rather than having a single central appliance. This brings several significant benefits compared to other heat pumps and other HVAC options in general:

1 – Total temperature control 

When each room has its independent heating/cooling unit, there’s no more arguing over thermostat settings. Each room’s temperature can be tuned to the preference of its occupant. This is also great if you have rooms with special heating needs, such as plants or animals, with unique temperature concerns.

2 – Reduced energy costs

Since you have so much control over each room’s internal climate, you can also shut down the A/C or heat in spaces that don’t need it. This lowers your bills even further!

3 – No need for ducts

If your house doesn’t have central ductwork, there truly is no better option than mini split heat pumps. Retrofitting a house with ducts is incredibly expensive, and ductless units let you avoid that while still enjoying modern A/C.

The biggest drawback to mini-split systems is just the upfront cost. More in-room units mean more hardware to purchase. However, it’s still not that expensive compared to other potential new systems and will pay for itself over time.  

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When Should You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

A sound air conditioning system isn’t a luxury. In most parts of the country, including here in Salem, OR, it’s necessary to stay safe and comfortable during the hot months. However, an A/C can’t run indefinitely. It needs regular care and maintenance from a professional air conditioning services company to run its best, and to ensure you don’t waste too much electricity.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services

So, let’s talk about the best times to get air conditioning service, maintenance, and repairs!

What Are the Best Times To Schedule Air Conditioning Services?

In terms of seasons, from best to worst, it’s: Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter.

Spring is the best time for air conditioner maintenance because it hasn’t gotten too hot yet. So, if your A/C is having problems, or something happened to it over the winter, you’ve got plenty of time for AC unit repair or to get a replacement before you need the cool air.

Autumn is second-best because, again, it’s not so hot and time isn’t a major pressure. However, with winter coming up, there’s a chance something could go wrong with the A/C during the offseason and lead to more repairs in the Spring.

Summer isn’t a great time because it’s the busiest time of the year for air conditioning services companies. With summer’s demands, you may have a long wait for an appointment, and prices may also be higher.

Winter is worst because you simply should not run your A/C in the winter. The oils used to lubricate the system don’t work well in cold weather and could even cause damage if it’s sufficiently cold.

When Should I Install a New Air Conditioner?

If you need a new A/C, the rules are the same as above. However, purchases can be done at any time except in the winter. And why would you need a new air conditioner in the winter?

How Long Do A/C Maintenance Services Take?

A basic A/C checkup typically only takes an hour or two, so it shouldn’t take too much time out of your schedule. Of course, if there are more extensive problems, which can add to the time, it takes to fix your A/C.

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning are your Salem, OR, specialists for HVAC systems of all types. If your A/C system is giving you trouble, click here to contact us or schedule a service appointment!

How Often Should You Replace Your A/C Filter?

Performing routine maintenance and service is key to allowing your air conditioner to operate efficiently. One way to put less strain on your system is to replace your filter.

Switching out your filter offers numerous benefits, such as improving the energy efficiency of your system and enhancing indoor air quality, and it can also help you avoid expensive repairs. 

Typically, replacing your air filter every few months is a good idea, but you will need to do this more often if you suffer from allergies or have young children living in your home.

How to Change an Air Filter

Replacing an air filter is a quick and straightforward process that almost anyone can do independently. The first step is to verify that you have the correct size filter, as the filter size is often printed on the side of the old filter (when removing, take note of the orientation arrow). You can purchase an air filter at a home improvement store or visit an HVAC business. 

Next Step in Changing an Air Filter

Once you find the correct filter, turning the power off is vital before taking out the old filter. Some filters are designed to be reusable, as you will need to clean them by removing dirt and debris. However, most people use replaceable filters for their homes. It’s also important to remember that the arrows on the filter’s frame need to point in the correct direction, as the filter needs to be directed towards the airflow and on the opposite side of the return duct.

Final Steps

Once the new filter is in place, you can turn the power back on. Setting yourself a reminder on your calendar is also helpful in remembering when you will need to replace your filter again, as it can be easy to forget without writing down the date. Scheduling HVAC maintenance services is a great way to stay proactive. These professionals can handle all these tasks to ensure your air conditioner is operating at the highest level.

Need Air Conditioning Services? Reach Out to Our HVAC Professionals

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