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The Health Benefits of Having a Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like kicking off your shoes after a long day at the office or running errands and doing chores at home and plopping down in front of a warm, toasty fire. A warm hearth is especially welcomed during the colder months when being out and about can be a drain on your energy. That’s why the Melton Heating and Air Conditioning team is excited to share some of the physical and mental health benefits of owning a fireplace.

As one of the area’s leading heating and cooling experts, we know how vital remaining comfortable in your home can be, so we’ve gathered some great reasons below to consider installing your very own fireplace.

Fireplaces Help Reduce Blood Pressure 

Those with high blood pressure or people who often find it hard to wind down after a long day will be happy to learn that fireplaces help reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown that a fire will calm you and lower blood pressure, helping to improve relaxation. It’s no secret that along with relaxation and reduced blood pressure comes a host of other benefits, like reduced risk of kidney and heart disease, lowered risk of stroke, and reduced eye damage due to high blood pressure.

They’re Trance-Inducing & Make Great Meditation Tools 

Since the advent of fire itself, people have been using the flames as a tool to induce a trancelike relaxation. Watching the flames dance help take you to a more relaxed place, and all of your stress and daily troubles will melt away.

Fireplaces Help Empty Your Mind

Lastly, but certainly not least, having a fireplace can help empty your mind and make it easier for you to get to sleep at night. Distractions from your busy day can disappear, and you’ll be able to handle anxieties you have about the past day or the one to come.

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For those interested in a fireplace, Melton Heating and Air Conditioning can offer quick and easy wood-to-gas conversion and installation, as well as everything from AC repairs to home automation solutions.

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Five Reasons to Have a Heat Pump at Home

One of the best ways to keep your home feeling comfortable is to invest in a heat pump. Instead of buying an air conditioner and furnace, you can purchase a heat pump that will take care of heating and cooling for your entire home. Investing in a heat pump offers numerous benefits, and it’s an excellent long-term option for homeowners.

Here are a few of the top reasons to invest in a heat pump for your house.

1. Only Maintain One Unit

One of these systems’ top advantages is that it efficiently heats and cools your home without the need for an additional unit. On the other hand, a traditional system uses an air conditioner and a furnace to keep your home feeling comfortable. Only maintaining one unit can help you save money and avoid a lot of stress.

2. Reduce Heating Costs

Another reason to consider using a heat pump is to minimize your heating costs during the winter. Numerous studies have shown that you can reduce your heating costs by up to 50%. These costs can quickly add up and save you plenty of money over time.

3. Lower Cooling Costs

An added benefit of a heat pump is that it reduces your cooling costs. Buying a pump with a high SEER rating means that the unit is energy-efficient, essential during the summer months.

4. Manage Humidity Levels

A heat pump is also a great way to manage humidity within your home. These systems are often much better at managing humidity levels compared to a traditional HVAC system. Controlling humidity is especially important if you have anyone living in your home dealing with respiratory issues.

5. Longer Lifespan

Choosing to purchase a heat pump is also a great way to save you money compared to a traditional HVAC system. For example, most conventional systems last around ten years before you need to make a replacement. On the other hand, most heat pump systems’ average lifespan is at least 15 years or longer.

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning has more than thirty years of experience offering HVAC services for a wide range of customers throughout Salem, Oregon. Our goal is always to provide superior services at a fair price. Give Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to learn more about using our services!

Tips for Detecting a Refrigerant Leak in Your HVAC System

As temperatures begin to drop in Salem, Oregon, your HVAC system will likely be receiving significant use once the cold snap hits. That’s why ensuring it’s working at peak performance levels is vital. There’s nothing worse than having your HVAC break down in the height of winter, so enlisting the help of an HVAC repair team to provide you with seasonal maintenance is essential.

As one of today’s leading HVAC contractors in Salem and Keizer, Oregon, Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning has collected some tips to solve one of the most common HVAC issues, a refrigerant leak.

What are the Risks of an HVAC Coolant Leak? 

When you have a coolant leak, your HVAC system will continue running but cease cooling your home, meaning it’s a massive drain on energy. One of the reasons why it’s so essential to repair a leak ASAP is because, in addition to impacting your comfort, it can also be fatal if inhaled and harm the environment.

How to Detect Leaks 

Although one of the most common and easily identified areas of refrigerant leaks is in your HVAC’s evaporator coils, they also occur elsewhere. Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance, your HVAC system can still fall victim to leaks.

Here are a few tips to help you identify leaks throughout your system:

  • Using Ultraviolet (UV) Dye: Special UV light can help you identify leaks. An expert will add some UV reactive dye to the refrigerant of your HVAC system, then run the light over your HVAC system to see if any of the dye appears on its exterior.
  • Soap Bubbles: Applying soapy water to suspected leak areas is another way to determine when you may have a refrigerant leak on your hands. The soapy water will bubble up and help you identify any pinhole leaks.
  • Electronic Leak Detectors: For those who want to detect a coolant leak without a shadow of a doubt, using an electronic leak detector that’s been well-calibrated will deliver the highest degree of accuracy.

Contact us if you suspect your HVAC system has a leak.

If you have located a coolant leak in your HVAC system or want a professional inspection, contact the team from Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning online today or call (503) 378-7482.

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