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5 of the Most Common HVAC Noises Explained

With winter right around the corner, having an HVAC system that’s running at peak performance levels is key. That’s why hiring HVAC contractors to perform a seasonal inspection is always recommended. As one of today’s leading HVAC repair teams in the Salem and Keizer, Oregon area, the team from Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you identify when your heating and cooling system requires maintenance.

Here, we’ve collected five of the most common noises that will call for professional maintenance and repairs.

1. Popping 

If you hear popping sounds coming from your HVAC system when you turn it on or off, it’s merely due to your ductwork, not a problem with your system. If the sound is becoming a distraction, installing rubber or foam insulation in your ducts will minimize it.

2. Thumping, Clanking, or Banging 

Often, these types of noises are an indication that all is not well with your HVAC. These noises are every day when there’s a problem with its blower assembly, so turn off your HVAC before the problem grows out of control and contact an HVAC contractor ASAP!

3. Frequent Clicking 

A recurring clicking noise coming from your outside compressor or control panel often signifies there’s a problem. It usually indicates a disruption in your system’s relay, so monitor it and if it doesn’t go away, contact a professional.

4. Hissing

A loud hissing noise likely means there’s a leak somewhere inside your HVAC system or in your home’s air ducts. Leaking ducts can cause spikes in energy costs, clogged air filters, and reduced HVAC efficiency. Fixing such an issue can call for specialized expertise, so it’s always best to contact an HVAC contractor for assistance.

5. Rumbling

An issue most often causes this type of noise with your system’s burner. Over time, soot and dirt can build up on your HVAC’s burners, restricting airflow and causing a rumbling sound. You can clean the burners yourself by turning off the power to your system and vacuuming or dusting them, or contact a professional to do the job.

Contact us today for more about HVAC maintenance and repair services.

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