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Expert Tips for Staying On Top of HVAC Maintenance in 2021

It’s no surprise that your HVAC requires period maintenance, like most machines. However, did you know that the more maintenance it receives, the more efficient it will be and the longer it will last? It’s true. By implementing a period maintenance plan, you can get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment.

As the area’s HVAC repair and maintenance experts, Melton’s Heating & Cooling wanted to provide you with some vital maintenance tips here!

1. Perform Your “Own” Routine Checks 

In addition to hiring an HVAC specialist, you can also perform your routine checks each month, inspecting your system for things like:

  • That there are at least two feet of space between the indoor components of your HVAC system. Allows your indoor unit to be able to get as much air as possible.
  • Remove shrubs, branches, leaves, and other things from your outdoor unit that can potentially cause an exhaust fan block.
  • Your air filters: if they are not clean, replace them. Clean filters increase your HVAC unit’s efficiency.
  • Leaks in your HVAC unit’s refrigerant lines may not be apparent

2. Perform Seasonal Maintenance Checks 

You should also have a licensed HVAC specialist to perform seasonal maintenance checks so they can:

  • Inspect its fan blades for proper operation.
  • Clean and replace its air filters if needed.
  • Clean its condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Check all of its heating and cooling components.
  • Inspect its electrical wiring.
  • Check your ductwork.
  • Check the refrigerant of your system.
  • Replace any worn parts.
  • Dust off any snow accumulated around your AC unit during winter.

3. Perform an Annual Inspection 

Last but certainly not least, having your HVAC unit inspected annually will ensure it’s running safely and efficiently. Technicians will check your HVAC system and replace any carbon monoxide detectors if you have them. They will also make sure all of your HVAC unit’s components are properly lubricated and clean its condensation drain line.

HVAC technicians will also inspect your outdoor unit to make sure it’s been installed on level ground.

For more about HVAC repairs and installations, contact us! 

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