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Signs You Have Heating & Air Conditioning Issues in Your Salem Home

Recognizing the symptoms of a heating repair problem can help prevent the need for costly equipment replacement in the months ahead. 

To help you save money in heating your home, our Salem heating and air conditioning experts explain common signs of a repair issue within your heating equipment. 

Salem heating and air conditioning expert

Four Ways to Know You Have an HVAC Problem 

Rising Bills

With heating costs rising across the country, you might not recognize an extra dollar or two on your bill as a significant issue. But if you have an equipment problem, your heating costs will rise significantly in a short amount of time. If you notice a rise of 20 to 50% or higher from one month to the next, call Melton’s Heating & Air Conditioning, your local Salem heating and air conditioning expert, to inspect your heating system.

Loud Noises 

If you hear loud noises when the heater is running, this could indicate a component issue. Often these loud noises are associated with a motor problem such as a damaged belt. Metal scraping sounds coming from your furnace may relate to a problem with the interior ball bearings. Prompt action can often be the difference between a minor repair and an expensive issue.

Limited Heat

If the heater isn’t producing the required amount of heat to bring comfort throughout the home, then you should consult an expert as soon as possible. Whether the issue is a blockage preventing a high volume of air from entering the system or an improperly sized furnace, your local experts can help guide you and quickly source the problem.

Regular Required Repairs

As your heating system ages, you’re likely going to spend more money on maintenance each year to keep the equipment running to its peak performance. But experiencing several repair issues in a short space indicates a major heating equipment problem. The problem could relate to a previous repair not being completed effectively. Or the system could simply be failing due to age. A qualified Salem heating and air conditioning professional can help evaluate the unit and provide clear guidance on the steps ahead.

Contact Melton Heating & Air Conditioning Today! 

Melton Heating & Air Conditioning’s team has decades of hands-on experience providing heating repair guidance in homes throughout Salem. For more information about heating system repair options, please contact us now for your repair.

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